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Discovering the finest flavors of Japan!

SUSHI TEI GROUP, is a renowned organization that owns brands, namely, Sushi Tei, Sushi Kiosk, Tom Sushi, Sushi Kyuden, Hokkaido-Ya, Yoka Yoka, Sushi Tei Cafe.

Established in 2003, SUSHI TEI GROUP has been dedicated to bringing the authentic flavors of Japan to Indonesia. As a leading and innovative company providing quality Japanese cuisine with excellent services, we take pride in offering an exquisite dining experience for our valued customers. We are committed to expanding our presence further in the coming years, aiming to share our passion for Japanese cuisine with even more communities. At SUSHI TEI GROUP, we understand the significance of both personal and business events. We offer our premium catering services, Sushi Tei Group Catering, to cater to such special occasions. Moreover, we recognize the diverse needs of our guests, including those who concern to Halal. Brands under the SUSHI TEI GROUP, such as Sushi Tei, Sushi Tei Cafe, Tom Sushi, and Hokkaido-Ya, are proudly HALAL certified. This commitment reflects our dedication to ensuring that the Indonesian Muslim community can dine with confidence and comfort at our establishments. Over the years, our brands have earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence, making us one of the most reputable restaurant groups in Indonesia.

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Bringing the renowned Japanese taste to Indonesia

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Our missions are to capture customer loyalty with innovative value proposition, to produce quality Japanese cuisine and excellent service based on integrated international standard management system, and to drive a productive and collaborative organizational capital.

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